Survive the 5 stages of grief...if your broken heart doesn't kill you first.


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Philophobia Official Trailer

Torment, inbound

The only thing worse than losing your life for having it hunt you down. In this fast-paced action platformer, navigate the bowels of Hell and escape the torment of love. Because it WANTS you to suffer.

  • Experience the story of Stuart and his horrifying encounter with heartbreak.
  • Work your way through 5 stages of grief being hunted by 25+ demons of misery.
  • Endure 100+ levels of torture designed around real world emotions.
  • Fight the 4 demons of grief and overcome your heartbreak for good!
  • Escape the 6 realms of misery and help all of the lost souls you find along the way.
  • Make your broken heart whole again.

Portals into Hell

The only thing more terrifying than being haunted by your greatest fear, is having to face it.

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